Car Dealerships Need Reliable Masks

Car Dealerships Need Reliable Masks

Posted by Reggie Williams on

Car dealerships face extraordinarily difficult circumstances, ranging from auto manufacturer delays to economic conditions causing customers to rethink car purchases. Don’t make the situation harder than it needs to be.

All employees should be wearing a mask to help customers feel more comfortable during everything from the car-buying process to servicing vehicles. In many areas around the country, this is a requirement or at least a strong recommendation, even if other restrictions start to loosen up.

But don’t assume that any mask will do. If your employees are wearing masks all day, they need ones that they don’t have to continually readjust and which are comfortable enough to wear for several hours, without hurting their ears.

Outlaw Masks provides comfortable, washable, stylish face coverings with replaceable filters. You can get matching colors for your team, or allow employees to showcase their style with their own color choices.

The site is open for orders, and if you buy 2 you get 1 for 50% off. Bulk pricing is also available; please get in touch for more details.

Best of all, 10% of each purchase can be donated to your choice of either the COVID-19 Response Fund or Creating Equality, a group of causes that support minority groups, women’s rights, and overall fights for fair treatment for everyone.

Buy Outlaw Masks

If you have any questions about the masks or want to talk about how you can market your dealership during this difficult time, please feel free to reach out.

Stay safe,

Reggie "Rattlesnake" Williams

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