Don’t Ease Up Against COVID-19. Wear a Mask

Don’t Ease Up Against COVID-19. Wear a Mask

Posted by Carlos Gil on

I’m concerned that too many of us assume the threat of COVID-19 is over. It’s not.

I’d like as much as anyone to get back to normal, resume my speaking tours, train companies on how to improve their social media, etc., but the reality is that the virus will continue to be with us for a while, and not everything will bounce right back.

One of the ways I’ve pivoted is to launch Outlaw Masks to meet this new reality from both a business and a health perspective.

If you already have a mask that’s comfortable to wear, please continue to do so. It can help slow the spread while out in public, from profound protests to everyday errands.

If you don’t have a mask, or if you only have ones that you have to constantly readjust or which feel uncomfortable, I encourage you to check out our masks. They’re washable and have replaceable filters, so you don’t have to go through a bunch of disposable ones and worry about running out.

Part of why I started this brand with my brother-in-law is to also give back.  10% of each purchase will be donated to your choice of either the COVID-19 Response Fund or Creating Equality, a group of causes that support minority groups, women’s rights, and overall fights for fair treatment for everyone. As a minority-led business (I’m Hispanic and my co-founder/brother-in-law is Black), we believe wholeheartedly in the fight for equality.

The site is open for orders, with masks available in 10 colors, and if you buy 2 you get 1 for 50% off. Thank you to those who have already supported our brand, and thank you in advance to those who will now purchase our masks.

Buy Outlaw Masks

If you’re looking to bulk order, have any questions about the masks or want to talk about how you can pivot in your own business, please feel free to reach out anytime.

Stay safe,

Carlos "The Kid" Gil


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