Realtors: Showing Homes? Wear a Mask

Realtors: Showing Homes? Wear a Mask

Posted by Carlos Gil on

As an entrepreneur who’s had my business rocked by COVID-19, I’m right there with you. I get how hard it is to still try to close deals in this environment, but I’m optimistic that we can take steps to turn things around if we still take this healthcare crisis seriously and help our clients feel comfortable.

For real estate agents, wearing a mask during all client interactions can be a great step, as it demonstrates that you take health and safety seriously. Plus, many areas around the country still require or strongly recommend wearing masks in public and while showing houses, even if other restrictions start to loosen up.

Wearing a mask isn’t just about trying to protect yourself. It’s showing your clients and community that you care about their health, and you’re willing to make a small sacrifice to help others.

That’s why as I pivoted my business in this environment, I launched Outlaw Masks to sell washable, stylish face coverings with replaceable filters.

The site is open for orders, with masks available in 10 colors, and if you buy 2 you get 1 for 50% off. And 10% of each purchase will be donated to your choice of either the COVID-19 Response Fund or Creating Equality, a group of causes that support minority groups, women’s rights, and overall fights for fair treatment for everyone.

Buy Outlaw Masks

If you’re looking to bulk order for your agency, please get in touch. And if you have any questions about the masks or want to talk about how you can pivot in your own business, please feel free to reach out anytime.

Stay safe,

Carlos "The Kid" Gil


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