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Rodeo Drive Red

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Rodeo Drive is one of the most iconic streets in the world. We designed this Rodeo Drive Red mask to capture one of the most iconic color combinations from Los Angeles. This stunner is part of our extended Rep Yo’ City Collection.

Put this Rodeo Drive Red mask in your regular rotation. It’s a stylish addition to your work uniform and a great way to finish a killer outfit.

Rodeo Drive Red is available in all of our Outlaw Masks styles. Get it in the classic vented mask, the new satiny cloth mask, and the multi-use buff mask.

Like all of our masks, Rodeo Drive Red is comfortable enough to wear for hours. It’s perfect for people who need a mask to wear to work. The activated carbon filter, filtered vents, and soft, washable material help you stay safe and stylish all day.

Design features include:

  • Flexible rubber nose clip for safety and comfort
  • Double air valves and filtered vents for easier breathing and moisture control
  • Replaceable filters for maximum protection
  • Washable neoprene material for safety and hygiene

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