About Outlaw Masks

About Us

In a lot of places, there’s no telling when it will be safe to hit the streets without a protective mask. We’re seeing people using paper towels and tee shirts because they don’t have anything else on hand. That’s whack.

That’s why we created Outlaw Masks.

Outlaw Masks are cool face masks with replaceable filters. Throw them in the washing machine and wear them again.

Since most places will probably require some kind of mask for a long time, we designed these filter masks to look as bitchin’ as possible. Plus, we restock every week so we don’t leave you hanging.

Outlaw Masks was born out of disorder. While we watched the world go crazy, we found a way to help out. We’re also donating 10% of each purchase to the COVID-19 Response Fund to make even more of an impact.

Outlaws like us find a way to thrive in tough situations.