Aqua Vibes

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In a sunshine state of mind? Aqua Vibes was inspired by a Miami breeze on a sunny day. Rep the Magic City with this aqua and orange filter face mask. Check out our other Miami-inspired masks from our Heritage Collection, Hot Miami Nights, and Miami Beach Sunset.

Aqua Vibes is fresh from our Rep Yo City Collection. We’re paying tribute to the cities and hometowns that make us who we are. Don’t see your city represented yet? New colors are coming soon.

Like all of our masks, Aqua Vibes is comfortable enough to wear for hours. It’s perfect for people who need a mask to wear to work. The activated carbon filter, filtered vents, and soft, washable material help you stay safe and stylish all day, even in Miami weather.

Design features include:

  • Flexible aluminum nose clip for safety and comfort
  • Double air valves and filtered vents for easier breathing and moisture control
  • Replaceable filters for maximum protection
  • Washable neoprene material for safety and hygiene

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