Detroit Bad Boys Cloth Face Mask from Outlaw Masks

Detroit Bad Boys Cloth Mask

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Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? Detroit Bad Boys is an attention-getter with plenty of Detroit attitude. The stunning red base with royal blue and white accents makes this mask as iconic as the Motor City itself.

Put on Detroit Bad Boys when you’re really feeling serious baddie vibes. That includes all you bad bitches, too. The Outlaw spirit is gender neutral.

Detroit Bad Boys is available in all of our Outlaw Mask Styles. Get it in the classic vented mask, the silky smooth cloth mask, and the versatile buff mask.

Outlaw Masks cloth face masks are next level. These comfortable masks are made of a silky-soft, lightweight fabric that pampers your face. The satiny material looks dope, too.

Wash these masks and wear them again and again.

Each soft cloth mask includes adjustable ear loops to give you the best fit for your face. For the loosest fit, simply pull the adjusters off and use the entire ear loop. Tighten your mask by sliding the adjusters closer to the mask.

Cloth masks from Outlaw Masks do not include vents. If you’re looking for a vented style, check out our original design masks.

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