LA Royal Gold

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NOTE: Due to the high demand for our masks, thanks to TikTok, this item might take longer than usual to arrive. We thank you for your patience while we restock.

They don’t call it the city of angels for nothing. The iconic color combo in our LA Royal Gold face mask is a mark of respect for our Los Angeles origins. It’s part of our new Heritage Collection, which was inspired by our two home cities, LA and Miami. Look dope and stay safe in this SoCal-inspired design.

Like all of our masks, LA Royal Gold is designed for comfort, even if you have to wear it for hours. It’s perfect for people who need a mask to wear to work. The activated carbon filter, filtered vents, and soft, washable material help you stay safe and stylish all day.

Design features include:

  • Flexible aluminum nose clip for safety and comfort
  • Double air valves and filtered vents for easier breathing and moisture control
  • Replaceable filters for maximum protection
  • Washable neoprene material for safety and hygiene

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