Miami Beach Sunset

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NOTE: Due to the high demand for our masks, thanks to TikTok, this item might take longer than usual to arrive. We thank you for your patience while we restock.

Maybe you’re not hitting the beach so much this summer, but you can get that hot Miami vibe with the Miami Beach Sunset mask from our Heritage Collection. This fresh new design pays tribute to our roots. Rock it any time you feel like you need some extra vibrancy in your life.

Like all of our masks, Miami Beach Sunset is designed to be comfortable even after hours of wear. It’s perfect for people who need a mask to wear to work. Fashionable, washable, and equipped with a replaceable activated carbon microfiber filter, this mask is ready for your next night out.

Design features include:

  • Flexible aluminum nose clip for safety and comfort
  • Double air valves and filtered vents for easier breathing and moisture control
  • Replaceable filters for maximum protection
  • Washable neoprene material for safety and hygiene

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