Support Masks 2020 Funny Tee Shirt
Support Masks 2020 Funny Tee Shirt

Support Masks 2020 Funny Tee Shirt

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One thing we can all agree on is that masks are a must in 2020. Show your support and your dedication to your community with this humorous tee shirt from Outlaw Masks.

There’s a lot of uncertainty around the 2020 elections, but one thing is absolutely certain: masks are definitely a thing in 2020. Sure, people are going to keep debating about it. You still need a mask to go out in public in most places, though.

Show that you support simple health measures with this snarky tee shirt from Outlaw Masks. This cleverly designed tee sends a clear message — that you care about peoples’ health and believe in taking simple measures to help.

Outlaw Masks’ tee shirts are made from a cotton-poly blend to keep you comfortable and stylish. All of our shirts use a unisex design to fit and flatter most body types. Swag it up with a matching Outlaw Mask like Blue Me Away.

We make all of our tee shirts after they’re ordered for environmental (and human) friendliness. Waste isn’t our style. When you place your order, please give us about a week to make your fresh new threads. As soon as it’s ready, we’ll send you a shipping notification.

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